Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


I liked the music and the animations

Very Nice

Good Art Work And Fun Music :)


If you get a grow power-up then get the wing power-up and it wears off you'll still be big.Unfortunately the big enemies can still kill you.

I found a glitch I think?!?!?!?!?!?!

When yourr a big fish and you get wings you are now a big flying fish but then if you dive into the water as a big flying fish you become a big white fish and for some reason the bigger fish can now eat you and also every time you die when you respwan you are still a big fish except you can be eaten by the big fish I wonder while this is happening can i get another yellow pill and get even bigger!?!?!?!!

wow,i mean wow

ITS JUST LIKE PACMAN!except alien version and you can move freely!i might play this more often than pac-man that i have at home though...