Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


this game kept me busy for awhile

jjwallace responds:

thats all it really needs to do!!!!!!!

yellow pill

the pill could repel bigger creatures. also great game

awesome work!

nice one! you got some effort here.but in the deeper sea there is nothing special.like a treasure with something importnant in it like something that makes you bigger or faster or 10000 points like thing.and something special in the space too. like a low gravity jump thing.and birds can be dangeorus too like a bird like an eagle that gets fishes and eats them.anyway this game is awesome thanks for your effort. :D

the yellow pill should

allow you to go into hyper mode going really fast for a while if you collect like 5 of them...if oyu use this plz give credit to me good game 10/10 5/5

Gots an idea

ok first awesome second make it so theres land so you can like jump on the land and squirm into the water and make fisherman to like you know fish. Also add like a beach that would be cool like in jaws the game how you could go on the beach and eat people ok thanks for listening and i loved it!!!

jjwallace responds:

:-), like eat surfers. that would be sick as hell! YEAH, GREAT IDEA... surf munch