Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

you have satisfied me once again...

this game was just as good as the other one if not better. the music was very addicting to me. i liked the new power up system better. i got to fly twice on the same run! but the second time i took flight, i fell into the snapping jaws of a big fish :)

great game

you should add abilities like freeze time and you should make the fish get bigger as it eats other fish

Loved it.

I totally loved this game, but maybe you could add the ability to grow, and eat bigger other fish. Possibly you could use the yellow pill for it...

Pretty Sweet Game

I liked the style of it and all , I agree it does need an evoloution factor , maybe a little soemthing for the sequel , so as you eat more game you get bigger therefore you can get more deeper , dont over do it with powerups . Still Loved the music Haha Goes witht the style of the game very well .

I'm amazed.

This game is so awesome it's epic but. . .. what's with Osama or some east indian guy at the end of your death if you got a score of 1k?

jjwallace responds:

just trying to make a trippy.. i though i would ketch everyone off guard with that one.. did ya see it coming? of course not.. haha... yeah maybe it is annoying but i thought it would lighten up his day.. yeah he is hindu.. east Indian yep..
i think i will make a rating system for red custom..