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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"


Wow, brilliant. It is very reminiscent of the music from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, probably because of the vocals. Either way, great song, really brings you on the edge of your seat.


Hans Zimmer called.

I know, I'm exaggerating here, but seriously - nice stuff.


Respect man. Respect.


really epic

Holy Woooww

This is an awesomely epic and smart, tidy and professional, yet creatively ingenious piece of high level fantastic music!! And I don't say that to just anyone!! Well done sir!!!

I'm trying to think of a reason not to give you ten/ten, I would only say the first 30 seconds was (compared to the rest of the score) a touch too quiet, and that the whole song would perhaps - somehow - benefit from slightly increased amount of bass, but these are proportionally minor criticisms.