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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"

This song is action packed!!!!

The song works really well with like action movies and games. Your really good, all I know is that you got yourself a new fan!!!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks Enkoukun! Great to have you be a fan of my stuff, i really dont think Im all that, im stunned by the feedback everyones gave me. Hopefully i'll make plenty more for everyone to enjoy!


is incredible this music. it make me think like an epic fight of two friends

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks Killofarmer. Pleased to be able to make you picture a scenario through this. It's one of the best complements I can get.

Yeah buddy

this reminded me of The Rock score. Keep up the good work :)

EvilRaccoon responds:

I love the Rock Score, and I have to admit, Im inspired by zimmer (although i think that's obvious :P) Thanks for listening!


this blow me away O_O
beautiful! just beautiful!
5/5 fav

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks NordicHazard. Glad you enjoyed it. It's great chatting with you too! ;)


Very well composed track!
I am definitely going to be listening to this while developing my games.
Good job, add some more really deep bass sounds!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks Zegaman! Really amazed to hear your game will be inspired by what I've done here. I think your right some of the bass could do with a bit more drone-ish kick. :)