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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"

I'm sorry to say I have to write my rating down in your review, as the scale won't work the way I want to...

Your Rating Is: 500,000/10

This is high-quality awesome, the kind you find in Kami's Lockbox, under the pillow.

You deserve a lot of respect for this song, when I listen to it, the environment/feeling is an ultimate epic battle for humans/aliens/machines/A.I. to survive the end of the world. The choir sounds like goddess voices calling from heaven to help the survivors. It's a masterpiece, downloaded, favorited, 5/5 & 10/10. If I ever make a movie or a game, I would love to use this song in its soundtrack. Thanks for reading. Keep up making more songs like this.

P.S.: This song reminded me of MaestroRage and Symphony of Specters.

Has the feel of Fall of Cybertron

This is completely amazing, this could be a batman song.

This is how music should be. It doesn't really get much, if any, better than this.

simply epic.