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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"

10/10, 5/5, DL

Amazing work! You really captured the dynamics of realistic orchestral music. Congratulations on this epic piece of musical genius :D

Amazing piece

I'm Astonished at how you conceived such a good music track, I can imagine myself watching an epic movie with this piece playing in the background.

Keep up the good work =)

Awe inspiring!

I'm not too familiar with anyone's work on newgrounds as I am new here but I must say that this particular piece is epic, and very inspiring! I am definitely looking forward to hearing more of your work in the future! You deserve a 10 and then some, keep up the fantastic work!

Great music: it tells a story and conveys emotion

One of your best works(that means a lot too!) along with the launch and a few others. Easily 10/10!
It painted a very vivid picture of a story in my head:

0-0:47 The details of a war are established. The camera pans across the alien landscape, until stopping at the city about to be under siege.
0:48-1:06 Several small alien regiments silently and undetectedly move forward, guns at ready. They approach the wall, then a drone spots them.
1:07-2:04 The drone opens fire on them, alerting nearby turrets and more drones along the walls. The fire begins to intensify and regiments open fire. Ground drones and droids start appearing and resistance is strong. All around them the ground shudders from an explosion; a large vessel has detected them and has begun bombing and firing a large, powerful beam incinerating anything in its path. A few bigger troops move in, guns at ready. The regiment fights with all their might, dispatching many of the land and air drones.
2:05-2:26 A squad and their leader begin arming themselves: their spacecraft approaches. The shields are soon pummeled with incoming fire, and the troops view the scene unfolding below them. They then enter their pods, which are fired directly into the chaos below.
2:27-3:23 The camera shifts back to the battle below. The regiments are shrinking and the enemy seems unhurt. A mech is coming into view, in fact, a very large one...
3:24-5:33The pods crash into the ground, and fresh troops immediately push the enemy back, shifting things in the regiment's favor. The front lines fall back and are depleted. The mech is approaching with the remaining wave, and the troops attack its legs. Soon the mech can't take any more damage, and it crashes into the ground, a thud bigger than any explosion of the battle. Up above a sleek assault craft rushes by, releasing a torrent of missiles that demolish the bomber. The sky flashes blindingly bright, and in the blink of an eye the bomber is nothing but a cloud of smoke and debris. The troops charge forward, forcing the enemy lines backward and tearing apart their formation. The camera gently pulls away from the planet, fading into darkness.

If I had the choice, I would not change a single piece of this song.


Felt like I was in part of the terminator movie for a second.