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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"

An Absolute Masterpiece Found at Last...

This was totally unexpected for me to hear in the Newgrounds audio portal.. This was by far outstanding. Everything in this song reminds of movie and this just surpasses the barrier of incredible for me. Amazing is just all I have to finish this review with Peter..

Mass Punk

It reminds me of Mass Effect's soundtrack...
And Daft Punk's soundtrack for TRON.

Both of which are EPIC!
Ergo, I enjoyed this. A lot more than I humanly should have.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Haha, nice title! :D

Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully plenty more music on the way. Thanks for the score and comments!


I really like this song! With the title in mind I really got some "the Robot Apocalypse has come!"-vibes from it with its foreboding industrial sound!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Hey Trojim, you got it right on the head. That was the sort of story idea I was going for!


my try at a background story...

before reading just know that this will be for a book i'm writing and you can go fck urself if you hate it... :/ (luv your work peter <3 )

It was a strange feeling, to come back to this place.
Grim Island, the place where my story began.
All of it's systems have been infected by that damn AI.
The Killzone now counts for everyone, Watchdog has gone insane and doesn't respond to our orders anymore.
The only way into the BMI(Bureau of Militairy Intelligence)Crinolian HQ is by following the MHT(Magnetic Hovering Train)track during the time it passes by.
But will Isirus see through the lie...? Will she stop us...? Will we be able to stop her...?
All of these questions flew through my head as a cruiser at FTL speed...
"Enak, this isn't the time to get doubts. This is the time to act! Think about all of those deaths that Isirus already made! What will happen if she gets of the island...? Will she spread through Crinolis...? Will that be the end of her rampage...!!? She can spread throughout the whole goddamn universe! There is no time! We have to stop her here!" Kyoti shouted.
I nodded my head and realised he was right, there is no more time...and the time that will come will change depending on the choices i make today...
I wonder if anybody ever realises what burden i have on my shoulder, saving the galaxy from the Yhang empire that is planning to strike soon, trying to unite all species in an attempt to stop the Yhang and try to sterilize the Parasite's or destroy the Black Crusaders who are bringing them in...
Every choice i have to make will result in billions of casualty's...every choice i don't make will result in the destruction of our galaxy...
*they check their weapons once more*
"This is it! The moment to recapture the BMI HQ! If we complete this mission we'll get our communications back online and warn the fleets on the incoming attacks! I aint a believer but i hope God is on our side on this one." Captain Yorick yelled.
*The HMT departed and soon reached it's top speed*
I closed my eyes and saw my fellow team members who died during our previous missions, I promised them their deaths wouldn't be in vein.
But it is becoming harder by the day to keep that promise.
*The train is nearing the BMI HQ*
But i just know, I know that their death won't be in vein...

Hope you enjoyed it :D
Yours sincerely,

-Horakoeri(fan of PS's music, drawer and a book writer)

EvilRaccoon responds:

Im amazed that you could see such a narrative within AE Evolved. Thats some detail you go in to! Really enjoyed it. Wow!

:D Thanks for story!

Great soundtrack!

Having just played, and beat, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I'll admit I'm a little attuned toward soundtrack-esque stuff. It's so rare on Newgrounds that I hope you make more!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Hey Spartan04! I've been really interested to play that game. Thanks for listening!