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Reviews for "Artificial Intelligence Evolved"

Awesome song.

The harmony and flow in this song is incredible.

The use of instruments in a TRON: Legacy way is awesome.

And now a story.


A young boy sits working in his room as his life seems to crumble around him. A time where the people clash as the apocolypse seems nigh. However, he seems to have created an ally. Deep within his computer, something awakens, he teaches this intelligence that he's created how to live. It soon spreads into the net, and becomes his greatest friend in his time of need. The internet suddenly shuts down, life comes to a standstill. Lights go out, people's data becomes irretrievable as she begins to perceive anything a threat to this boy. He suddenly realizes the monster he's created, he goes to reason with her and is pinned by a robot under her control... When she goes to deal the final blow, the AI suddenly stops, and realizes what she's doing. She was just about to kill her creator, the one that gave her life, and she begins to shut everything down. However, she had become corrupt. As she feels her life vanishing, she gives one last and final goodbye as her face begins to distort and become fragmented. "Do not worry, we will see each other again." she says as her face explodes into it's component bits and disappears.

Sounds like something from Tron!

Another excellent piece of work by you!

Seriously though, some parts in this really does sounds like it belongs in Tron. But that's not bad at all though.

The title makes SENSE!

This song perfectly describes the title (or the other way around). I definately got the urgency and suspense. It seemed like there was a threat that almost became all-out computer war, but no attack was made. Most of the song prepared for the clash, but the clash never came, it just built up stronger. Normally a song without that final point of focused epicness is boring, but this song was excellent without it. My one complaint is that the ending seemed drawn out. That minute and a half of vocals was not needed and just sapped the energy away.


I kind of expected it, but still.


It sounds like a preview of an epic movie!