Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


honestly...I do not even understand how you got front page, and I only gave you a 1 because the game was a first page game...so somebody must see something in it.

little bit boring

when you go from one lvl to the next youll most probaly get hurt, why do clouds hurt? why do bunnys hurt? why do the bunnys WANT to hurt you, and half the time when you get hit and have an invun shield, it doesnt work

And that not mentioning the hit detection! what are they sniper clouds?!

4/10 - it pissed me off

Pretty Good, But...

The collision detection for the clouds in the mountain levels is pretty bad. I was getting hurt when I wasn't even touching them. Aside from that, great game.

good game

i usualy dont see cursor games any where
any body know where there are any?


interesting idea on what a mouse cursor's adventure would be, not that fun. Add some stuff to it. Be more creative.