Reviews for "Cursor Quest"

me like

Loads of potential, few flaws like knowing who your enemies are.
I Very much liked the bosses!

blue-mess responds:

Haha thanks. It took me a while to make some of the bosses, but I think it was wroth it :)

It's alright

It's a pretty fun game, but unfortunately it didn't kept me playing for long. This game needs innovation at every single level. Every single level you'll want something new to beat. This wasn't always the case.

And it needs some guidance. It might be me, but I didn't know for instance, that I had to click the bombs in the hidden caves five times before the fire reached the bomb.

I like mouse-based games though, so you got my attention. Keep it up.

blue-mess responds:

Cool, thanks for the review.
The idea was that the "fire" was the fuse for the bomb - like, you have to diffuse the bomb before the fuse reached it? Well, something like that.

Thanks, I did try to make each stage different from the last, but I'll consider using more innovative ideas in my next game.


Nice! You JUST submitted it and it's already on the front page! Good job!

blue-mess responds:

Haha, thanks :D
Yeah I was pretty amazed too. I never even DREAMED it would make it to the front page ;)
Glad to hear you like it


I thought it was too hard as I didnt know what was an enemy, maybe you could put an index at the beginning of each level to what you shouldnt touch, then it would be a great game :D

blue-mess responds:

Cool, I'll take that into account. Glad to see you liked it :)


It's good, so an 8 will do.

blue-mess responds: