Reviews for "Cursor Quest"

Not bad. Not good either.

The concept was okay, just a bit boring and overdone. You just have to collect some stupid orbs and stars, there should be stuff like mini-games and such to make it more interesting. The graphics were lame too. you could at least redraw the cursor and the enemies. the background is fine, but not great. The orbs are ok.
The buttons arent great either ( i mean the 'weak points' on bosses) on the first boss (in the cave) i had to click his eye like 15 times to hurt him ( and you should really come up with some more creative point than an eye ). The enemies on the mountain were the lamest. Like the guy before me said, how are you sposed to know that a cloud, A CLOUD!!1 is gonna hurt you. or a bunny...
i give you a 6 because you put some effort into it. But to get a 10 from me, it has to LOOK a bit better.

An good first draft.

There are a few issues I had with this game that really kept me from enjoying it as much as I could have.

1) You don't have anything in your instructions in the game itself talking about the secret areas, so I didn't even know about such a thing until I took a look at the page afterwards. Please include that right in there for those of us who like to dive right in.

2) Hit detection seems really wonky at times. Sometimes the entire cursor's graphic seems to be the object that gets hit/collects orbs, and sometimes it's only the front tip.

3) The enemies are probably my biggest issue. I liked the first level's obstacles because you knew they'd be hurting you, even though an "exclamation point" is kind of a weak concept for an enemy. But later on... fish, bunnies, cloudes! I don't know what's going to hurt me and what isn't half the time. It doesn't help too that certain elements in the background look big enough but don't hurt you (i.e. the other fish in the 3rd level). I just think that defining more obvious enemies or at least having something more out of place would make it easy to know what you're looking out for. Keep in mind that we don't really have the freedom of infinite lives to poke around and see what hurts you and what doesn't.

All in all a cool looking game and something a bit different. If you fix up those few issues I could see it being a lot more enjoyable/accessable. Keep up the good work.

blue-mess responds:

Hmm. I'm just adding an extra page in the instructions about secret areas - might make a webpage to show where they are in case anyone is really stuck.
About the hit detection: The point of the cursor is what you use to collect the orbs + stars, but an enemy/obstacle that touches any part of the whole cursor can cause damage. I'm also making an enemy index too - I hope that should clear things up for you. Thanks for the comments

Why cant we gain lives in a adventure game?!

This game is great I love types of games like this but.
Without the ability to get lives its nearly impossible to get pass the last levels.

blue-mess responds:

As I mentioned, you can gain lives in the secret areas, you just need to look out for them ;)

Okay concept, bugged?

Well, I think it's a good concept with good sounds and graphics. It suits the style you set. But... I get stuck on certain 'secrets', on the hill level there is a cave near some rabbits. I am in there and I've collected everything I can see and then spent five minutes clicking everywhere and I can't get out!


blue-mess responds:

Oh, I've just checked the .fla file and it looks ok - I can see the way out. There's a tunnel with a lantern above it - click it to return back to the game. Hope it helps


Did not find this game fun, an amazing amount of glitches. I will never try it again

blue-mess responds:

Could you expand on the glitches? I'd be happy to clear it up for you