Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


fuyn but hard

stealing music

that song is a remix of green hill zone from sonic the hedgehog

next time make your own music>=^/

blue-mess responds:

Stealing music? Why do you think that, all the the music I used came from the NG Audio portal. If you recognised it, it was probably a remix of a song - I've credited the authors in the music list on the left. I believe the song you're talking about is:
Angel Island Zone (Funk Ver.)

by 3R2

ok ^_^

fun,but kinda hard for lazy people like me.

ver fun!

* does not say anything * .....

nice game!

very fun 9/10!

but there is a glitch when i lose all lives and go to the game over screen, i scroll over it and i have no cursor! not even the pc cursor!