Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


Twas wonderful and entertaining. I kinda got bored easily though >.< Then again I do get distracted....

Mabey if you didn't have such peaceful music :p

Great flash though!


i dont play much cursor games but this one was awesome and all and i dont know why ur so angry cuz the game was awesome and thats what matter and i dunno from where you got the idea that he stole something! the game was awesome but could had som better grafics and the gameplay was awesome too make a second one please! xD keep ur good job and sorry about my english cuz i hav onli 13 years old and im brasilian xD

you stole the concept

well done you stole all the things for this it is basicly same concept as another game on this site you even copied the cursor and you didint even copy it well. Well Done on stealing the concept i wouldnt even mind you stealing the concept if it wasnt for you making a cheesy copy of everything from the game even the timer at the bottom is same.

blue-mess responds:

Uh...what concept? I came up with it myself =/ what is the name of it?

Well Done

GFX are a bit crude, but at least have consistent style. Game play is well thought out, and holds together well. A refreshing change from the standard 'avoider' type games, though I do have to say it's more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Keep coming up with innovative ideas like this and you might someday make a living at this. ;)

blue-mess responds:

Wow, you think? ;D Thanks! Haha, I'll see if I can come up with anything else ;)

It was pretty good

Needs more graphics and game play though