Reviews for "Cursor Quest"


I love the use of Angel Island Zone (Funk Ver.) for the traing level

very fun

its a bright game, well made and really funny

not bad

Was the song you used on the underwater level from Super Mario 64?

blue-mess responds:

Dire, Dire, Docks {RMX}

by CrimzonWolf777

You can find it by clicking on the link in the people whose music I used for the game. It's a remix of the original :)

good concept

could use better graphics, and a whole lot better gameplay

fun, reminded my of the kirby plot

Hey, did you use a pokemon sound for the mountain boss? I feel like its charzard or something.

blue-mess responds:

No I didn't actually, I used:

4clD - Acid (Dance Loop)

by sr4cld
for the first 4 boss battles.
Thanks for the nice rating :)