Reviews for "Cursor Quest"

C'mon Now...

This isn't the greatest cursor game I've played, but it did have an interesting style. I agree that the hitboxes were a bit...odd sometimes, to say the least, but it's obvious that you spent a decent amount of time on this.

To those who rated this a one; learn what a bad submission is before you Blam it. Just because it's longer than fifteen minutes OR too difficult for you to comprehend, don't downgrade the time and effort somebody put into flash animation. Please, don't embarrass yourselves further.

blue-mess responds:

Haha, thanks very much ^^
Yeah. It can be a bit awkward at times. Ty for reviewing!

Good concept, needs some work

The lot idea was really, really weak. It's hard to identify what an enemy actually is untill it hurts you, or when you inadvertenly bump into it during a transition.

Pretty good.

Great music!
Original idea, especially for a cursor game!
Pretty fun

Collision problems
Transition problems
Odd enemies that you do not realize are enemies... "Oh look, a bunny!" "AHHH IT ATE MY SPLEEN!!!"
A little short
Cliche storyline
Unrefined - This is the only one that i feel like explaining. This game is one of those that is a great idea with great potential. There just seems to be a lot of things that need more work. If you put a good deal of work into a sequel, with better user friendliness, appeal, and refinement, it would definitely earn at least a 9 from me and a decent score from the people who are giving you bad reviews.

This was a good game and I am proud to have wasted my time on it.

P.S: I usually hate cursor games... so making one that I like is a major achievement.

blue-mess responds:

Wow, a lot to think about there. You really think I should make a sequel? And thanks - I tried to add a twist to the whole mouse avoider thing to see what happened to it. I've made a newer version which tells you where all the enemies are, but I don't think it's been approved yet. Anyway, thanks again!


Although yes your hitbox was a little worriesome

and yes it lacks inginuity adn multiple things to do.

But what people dont realize is that they could not make somehting like this if any of them tried. It takes lots and lots of time to actually make a full fledged game. So i suggest iron out your buttons. Throw in some better music and you will have yourself a game that people wont rate zero out of ADD.

Good luck.

blue-mess responds:

Cool, thanks for the support


ur losing lots of points for the fact that this game pisses me off by saying i got hit when i obviously didn't, and for shoving every new area into the screen, resulting in some damaging whatever shoving right into my cursor... REALLY fix that... >.<

but as for the game itself, great concept, thumbs up for the originality, and i can always appreciate nicce soundtracks :)

p.s. whats with the suicidal dark bunnys that jump off the mountain? :P and whats with the volatile red bunnys that mess up my boss fight -__- but maybe thats just me :P