Reviews for "Cursor Quest"

Great work

This was a very well done game. Nice music, had a fresh feel to it, and was a pretty good length/difficulty. It would have been very very hard had I not known about the secret levels, but once I found them I was able to just enjoy myself for the most part.

My only major complaint is that I'm not exactly sure what the bounding box is on the cursor. What counts as a collision?

Good but...

The game was fun and had a cool concept to it but the biggest problem I had was the enimies. 90% of the time I took damage from a fish or w/e (basically EVERYTHING) I was no where near it, the space where you take damage is far off from just being your curseor. Other than that pretty good, just fix up the bugs.

It could be better

The game is pretty good, yet it frustrates me with all of the bugs in it. In level three map A cloud area four, just before you go to area B, the cloud area doesnt let you to go with the mouse coursor (pardon my spelling). It keeps acting like you hit the cloud when you obviously havent. Yet you have a very good idea and if it werent for the quirky bugs it would be a great game.


stupid game..sorry but it needs to be a little faster paced.

good game but.

the graphics need a little work. i mean its just balls and clouds mostly to i don't see how you can get very good quality backgrounds and etc.. also the clouds need work its kinda hard to reach the balls with out touching the clouds and even after you pass them you get hurt somehow. maybe want to work on that. but over all its a good game.