Reviews for "Cursor Quest"

Catchy Game

I enjoyed alot about your game, I did like the fitting music for each stage and sound effects in general were good.

Graphics were usually good, but the bosses looked pretty bad.

The game played well, except on mutation mountain I was stuck on area 3 for a long time because I kept hitting a cloud (I guess) and my mouse kept spinning as the stupid bunnies jumped up.

Other than that, good game. 4/5

this was good!

ok, first of all, this had potential to be a good game!
well, take all of this criticism, and get the kinks worked out....

also, im not sure.... but where did you get your music???? it sounds an awful lot like sonic the hedgehog

blue-mess responds:

Every piece of music was from the audio portal here at Newgrounds. I think the piece you're thinking of is Angel Island Zone (Funk Ver.) by 3R2. So, yeah it is from a sonic game I assume ;)
And thanks for the review, I'll try ;)


I don't use to be enthusiastic, but the games like that deserve it. It's awesome fun, it's so easy to play but challenging, it's so fluent, every new screen has always a surprise. Maybe there are some minor bugs, but the fun factor is there, yes, is really there. Keep up the great work.

blue-mess responds:

Thanks! Glad to see you enjoyed it :D I'll try and keep it up :)


but you need to work on the hit thing,i was being hit left right and center by blowfishes that i wernt even by and make it so that you dont get hurt by the evil black bunnys after they have fell from the sky (when they respawn) and the horrible blowfish shouldnt stay big forever D: other than that you have yourself a very good game :)

blue-mess responds:

Cool, thanks. I'll bear that in mind - thanks for reviewing!


Pretty alright game, but a mute button would definitely be nice.