Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

He shot me!

Altho i'm not a big lost fan, i still liked this game. Now i have to wait till the next one to find out why somebody popped a cap in me lol...


Point and clicks are my favorite and this is an awesome one. Great story and such. The friken spider scared the crap outa me. What was the pointa that? Anyways great game lookin forward to sequel.

Good job

I like idea, and great work was done. Next chapter will be very interesting.

was that it?

iam a big lost fan and as decent as that was with the pictures and the island and stuff it takes 40 secsonds to do and that was it, maybe a few more things to make it last longer

danomano65 responds:

there are notes. and a person that likes lost would find value in discovering who you are and the reason why u were shot. the next game will give you a chance to change ur destiny.


As a fan of LOST, this game is awesome. I felt like I was on the island trying to piece a mystery together. Only reason I couldn't give you a 10 is b/c it ended too soon.

danomano65 responds:

well, that's mostly due to file size. i'll have a sequel, or rather, a continuation near the end of the week.