Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

good concept...

the concept of the game was good and looking at the fact that it is your first flash game and that it was made for school, i cant really criticize it too much. the basic concept of the game was good but you should consider adding some real interactivity to your games in the future. in essence, this is a relatively thought out slide show with background music. i did enjoy the game, but next time you should try adding a really defined storyline that will immerse the player into the game. something that will really draw a person's attention. you should also consider adding some kind of puzzles or riddles for players to solve. The game needs improvement, no doubt about it but i still enjoyed it none the less and i always like to see new people try and "wow" the viewers on newgrounds like many other have. you keep on trying your best and soon you will be as good as some of the best. i rate the game a 3/5 and 7/10 for basic concept, immersing background music, and overall style of the game. im being very lenient on the rating because you cant really expect too much from somebody's first attempt at something. :D


I guess its ok but it drags Way Too Loooonnnnnnggggg.......g.
it needs more interaction and puzzles not just click click click game over.

It was okay

Just played it a few times and it was a really good idea with some nice graphics but with the one way story line and the small amount of things inside the game it was kind of a let down. But I do have to say that no matter how many times I play it the ending scares the s*** out of me.


Good idea and good work. :)

Inventive but un-satisfied in it's completion

Tiring, laboured, spoiled. Any more words I can bring out in my thesaurus in my distaste for this flash?
You have let a good idea go to waste. An inventive creation left unfinished as there could of been more of a storyline within the notes to create a sense of wonder, but it was only to blister my index finger of pure clicking. Lindelof would be laughing at his unworthy opponents of a decent myster attempt from his own show.

danomano65 responds:

Funny how just signing up to newgrounds is an instant badge for criticizing people without end like a douchebag.