Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


the end scared the shit out of me

Nice Graphics, Bad Play

I'm a huge fan of LOST and the point and click genre. This looks real nice but there's next to nothing to click on except arrows that lead you in one direction, then you get hit by a surprise ending. Nice to look at but not much gameplay.

nearly perfect

this game really catches the lost atmosphere.
and i really like what you made out of the story
(starting at the airplane, function of the station etc.)
-- but overall it's quite short.


Good game but
I found the station, and i cant get out. I found 2 journals, where do i go?

Nice work

Nice work, but the music is a bit irritating. This does have a lot of potential but I think you should try doing some research in this genre of game. Try out "submarine" and definitely "Myst" in which the storyline unfolds upon the player slowly throughout the game making the fantastic graphics and atmospheric music a lot more eerie.
Think about contacting Mateusz Skutnik (the maker of submachine) for some advice, hes the master of these kind of games.