Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Decent LOST tribute; not much of a game.

Well, I *am* a LOST fan, and the idea of getting to explore part of the island is kind of neat. It's only so-so as a game, however. The navigation arrows are hard to find in some shots, and their positioning makes it difficult in some cases to tell whether an arrow will advance you or take you back to an earlier location. And for a game that seems to consist largely of exploration, punishing players by ending the game instantly for happening upon a particular location seems unnecessarily harsh and off-putting.

I like the photos chosen; the photo-editing is a mixed bag. Some elements seem larger than the apparent perspective suggests they should be, and of course there's different levels of contrast and sharpness to contend with. As has been noted, this is perfectly understandable (and even preferable) for elements that can be clicked on, but distracting for elements that cannot.

Certainly a worthy first effort.


Unless you're a lost fan, don't bother. I mean, it's an interesting idea, but, there's not a whole lot to it, click around, read some notes, then an unexpected ending. As a non-Lost fan, it just felt cut short. *shrugs* i know you're going for something targetting a group of people, have at it, just warning others who won't understand it away. (ignore the star rating, just a random one because i had to)

danomano65 responds:

not ur thing.


what? so is there only the one ending? Is there some meaning in this that only a lost fan would get because... well it was lacking, basically you follow an already determined path to your death with a few story elements. There is just nothing here

danomano65 responds:

you didn't read the notes. at all.


its hard i died someone shot me

I'm a little upset...

For whatever reason I though this was a point-and-click game. I kept clicking the screens like crazy until my finger cramped up. Good luck on your project

danomano65 responds:

second one is better