Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Ok, nice game but...

...I'm not really sure if i finished it correctly, was the ending the bit outside near the tower, because that was kind of like just KABLAM over. Anyway awesome game, neat little storyline too, my only real objection was that some of the arrows were a tad tricky to see.

incredible. i jumped 20 feet at that one part.

really great. superb even.


it totally freaked me out i wasn't expecting any of that
if its based on 'Lost' i might now watch it
so freaked, dude

great game though


I must say, when I got to the end I was "SH**! Where's the back button?!" Scared me witless. The whispering already had my heart pounding when it happened, which heightened the fear in the end, I suppose.


can you please let me know where you got the music for this i would like to add it to my collection
oh ya cool game

danomano65 responds:

Lost Season 2 Soundtrack