Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


I got lost twice... and got bored!

danomano65 responds:

blah blah


This was by far the most engrossing and gripping point and click adventure i played it felt like an episode of lost i love the photographs you used to potray the island and the Roslin station where did you photograph this? some of the photos where stunning or was most of it photoshop? you should send this to the creators of lost they might include this inot the lost mythos because i m really liking your take on the experiment side of the island... i will be on the look out for more of your work alos you are an impressive photographer to boot :)

danomano65 responds:

thanks i appreciate it.


I enjoyed your game. The notes were creepy, but exciting. Wish there was a little more to it, and possibly a way to make mistakes, or not. Either way good job.

fun for 5 minutes

good game man, f### the haters...the most exciting end ive ever seen :)


I liked the atmosphere, the use of real photos was good and the music choice was fantastic. It had a nice long build-up towards the end, which made me jump! Please make a sequel yes!