Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Was I A Clone?

Real good game, graphics are well made -except some little faults- music made it quite scary, so the whispers. And plot is good n original.
So, was I a clone of this genetics guy so he shot me like he does to other members of clone horde or something else?

danomano65 responds:

YES! you did well.


I really hade so much fun playing through this game it took me a little while but i figured it out =)

Liked it

Liked it very much, good us of photo's and pritty good storyline.

P.S.: Sorry for other people, but is it normal I got shot down or is there another ending?

danomano65 responds:

you know, i may add an alternate route to cause another ending.

wow cool

i like this game and a huge lost fan athough i missed the first part of the 4th series i liked it hope you can make another and i hope you got a good mark on your photography project this deserves it.

Myst reborn

I really loved the unique feel of the Myst games and the rich jungle atmosphere. The photographs really fit the mood and the music was amazing!