Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

wow, nice ending.

i was not expecting music to quiet down, ambient noises pick up, and thud...
im not sure if the first bullet missed.

i give a thumbs up!


the song was a big foreshadowing for me getting shot, i just didnt know when until the music changed to quiet. haha

fun game

Awsome Game!

Very difficult but well made. I had fun playing it. Haven't completed it yet but it'spretty good. One question, how did you take pictures of the Roslin Station? Haha, pretty sure you didn't crash on 815. Cause the photos were linear, I know you didnt just google search tons of rooms. Did you take photo's of some warehouse then plant on the dharma logo?


Man the damn music had me creeped out enough. Then you add whispers to that, and BANG!!! Nice one man. I need to change my pants now.


lol I got shot...^^