Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Jesus...that friggen Gunshot

Creepy but cool...and that gunshot also scared the crap out of me


was i supposed to get shot?
cuz that kinda pissed me off.


Excellent music and idea.... but that gunshot scared the shit out of me.


first, Four things before I get to more construcive criticism:
1. White sneakers. Nice.
2. Soundtrack. Also nice.
3. Photographs produce an effect and reality that you could have never done otherwise.
4. The numbers. Is there some sort of secret? An easter egg, perhaps, for finding them all?
5. Marvin Candle? Or perhaps Mark Wickmund?
6. Backgammon. Themes. You got down a lot of the thematic elements pat.

Okay, enough fan stuff. The most important part of LOST is in the EXPERIENCE. the minutae, the references and easter eggs- great for any observant fan, mother's milk for a devotee. You had plenty of both.
The whole game's emptiness creates a very... disconcerting feeling. Much like watching a good episode of LOST. Overall, you've done a great job capturing it.

-Not enough answers, but at the same time, not too many QUESTIONS. I'm not expecting any sort of LOST thing - canon or not - to have answers, but there's just not enough mystery. Perhaps you could've included the 'whispers' you always hear.

-LOTS of pictures. Nice! But at the same way, they don't always fit together. One minute, i'm deep inside the Roslin, the next, i'm in a cave. huh?

-Not a lot to DO. Other than reading notes and trying to get an idea of the story, I had nothing. There were no good puzzles, no difficulties finding my way around the island. Can't think up any puzzles? Play some games. Get some inspiration.
-Too little to click on. Even red herrings would be appreciated.

-Overall, this is actually the first LOST game I've played (not via Domus). That's too bad, since it's such a rich setting. Why does Unreal get shooters and the very concept of ancient Japan get dozens of RPGs but not a great adventure game set in the LOST continuity?

-Finally, you need to know about LOST to enjoy it. That's... about it.

Thanks. Looking forward to your sequel. Maybe you'll take my advice, maybe not. Either way....

-Good ending. Very LOST.

danomano65 responds:

yes. it's for ppl that like Lost. That's how I wanted it. I don't really know how to make puzzles. But i'll try. The second one is already better.

not bad

the journal enteries were pretty interesting how it seemed like everyone in the abandened place were going crazy, but the guard in the sniper tower just randomly shooting you is gay. plus there was no checkpoint. P.S. in the dark room theres a lightswitch on the bottom left corner.