Reviews for "The Roslin Station"


I don't use the speakers on my laptop too often so i guess that effected the game but there was really no game factor...i can see where your going but please more game in the sequel please...

danomano65 responds:


Is this a game in your eyes?

I have to review this with a ZERO because it is not a game. You click the arrow keys and then you die. This belongs in the flash section or video section of the site. Im sorry but although the pictures look good and the music is cool it is not by any means a game. I wasted my time by trying to play something that couldnt be played.

danomano65 responds:

omg! It more like a movie and not a game! OH NO! It's labeled as a game, i must logically give it a zero.

I got shot.

I thought it was pretty sweet. I'm a huge fan of LOST (right now my roommate and I are nearing the end of a crash course in LOST to pick up on everything we missed from season 1 up until the latest episode) and this felt very much like the show. Especially with the ominous music just letting you know you're going to get owned. At least I didn't die via black smoke eh?

took too long to load

fuck man! i got shot!

danomano65 responds:

gosh, my bad, i should fix that loading shit. haha


Let me just say that the notion of a sequel is what made this a 9 instead of a four; you left a good deal unexplained, which is very-much so in the mood of Lost, however, eventually explaining it is *also* in the mood of Lost; bringing up questions to which there are no answers is an easy-out of a mystery story. Real glad to hear of a sequel! Make it good! ;)

Now, more about the game itself; the photos were good; they really set the theme well. The game play needed more... options. Also a slower build up for the information. Those are the main complaints; I bet I would have loved this if the mystery would have built up further. The sounds, the way they were used, and when and where you cut/started the music was *great*. 10/10 for the sound.

Can't wait to see the next installment. My only question: will you have a "Previously, on the Roslin Station"? ;)

danomano65 responds:

no. because the sequel is called The ATLAS STATION. just starts right before u choose to go the direction to get shot.
in other words, u are given the chance to change ur destiny.