Reviews for "The Roslin Station"

Jeezy Creezy

10/10 5/5
And I don't even like Lost...
This was the pups nuts, not sure if i can be classed as a proper GAME, more like an interactive movie...
But its a pretty fine line, and this is a pretty fine flash.
Make another one...
With an ending that I actually GET...
Had to read a reveiw to realise what I was meant to be...

That was intense!

Great game, very creative!

I was extremely creeped though, I was shaking after every click.

The music is perfect...PERFECT!

It's o.k.

It's ok i mean there's a couple of good nods to LOST (my favourite being the Backgammon board(Black v White,Good V Evil) but what made me rate it so high was that it looked like actual shots from the show and the music. Also where can i find that music?

danomano65 responds:



Interesting...I didn't find much to do but I suppose I didn't explore every arrow possible. Still, I didn't feel a strong urge to. But dammit that gun made me jump in my seat! I guess that was the intended affect though.

hell, i stopped watching after season 2

b ut this was a good atmospheric game.
As in Scared the F*ck outta me.
but i got some of the references.
"I can only kill myself so many times"
Best line ever.