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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"


Few people have the courage to do something like this, especially when they're unsure of themselves. You deserve a 10 based on that alone. Your emotion shows a lot through your voice, I can tell she meant a lot to you. Though nobody can ever truly understand, this still shows a lot.

I won't try to give consolation, you've heard it too many times and I know it never helps. However, I can tell you that you will inspire a lot of people with this, myself included.

I understand that it wasn't worth it, and it will never make sense. Nobody can do anything about that, and for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Be strong man, be strong.

This is not a song, it's a prayer.

Glorious Tribue

Beautiful words for someone who was truly beautiful on the inside. She would be proud

A true masterpiece...

All I can say is...do NOT stop making these. You've got immense talent. The piano is absolutely perfect. As for the over-emotionality in the voice, that is what helps to further express the lyrics in the song. You have my utmost condolences for your loss. DON'T STOP MAKING THESE. They are an inspiration.

5/5 on the audio portal.

10/10 stars.

You deserve it. Keep on trucking. And remember, a true composer never dies as long as his music still lives.

so sorry to hear that. :(

this really is a beautiful song, and for the most part, your voice sounded really good!
I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss.