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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

what are you talking about?

crap? edit the description and remove any negativity because this is absolutley one of the best songs on newgrounds
im sure you have made your friend proud. you should pursue a professional career, cause ther is no doubt you will do great


no words needed to be said but "beautiful" . Great piece of work. I wish you all my best. -Oskar


I first read the description and immediately felt sad for you and her, but i was here for the song, so i tried to listen to song without thinking of what happened.
And you know what? the song rocks. Its really good, and you sing good to

Im prayin for you both, Dont go emo, life got its turns. <3

I'm sorry for your loss, man.

From what you've said, she sounded like a great person. I'm not going to say "keep on truckin" or "it's all going to be okay", because I know that just makes it feel worse. Just know that there are people out there praying for you and her both. Best wishes to you and her family and friends.

Not enough stars here!

I actually am using this for a short film today. It's perfect. Your vocals portray the true emotion of the incident, and it was still on key. Plus, it's not just something you wrote and found in your attic years later. It's absolutely pure. Keep praying.