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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

Jazza :(

I know im weird on your livestream and just plain random but, this means alot to me this song is very good and deep showing great love for a friend. I really like it sorry for being weird on livestream and facebook, but this song seriously touched me i keep remembering my friend when i think of it, a friend of mine passed away "Monika Skrzypkowski" in Mt. Prospect by drunk driver she was 17... Your song touched me alot thank you for making this song and i am sorry for your lose and her family.


This has to be the best vocal performance i've heard from you because I can hear the truth in your sorrow.. I am truly sorry for your loss.. she must have been a true friend.. :(


Sorry to hear what happened man.. My sympathies..
I honestly don't know what to write.. :/

Other than ApartheidGuy420 is the biggest f*cking d*ckhead out there. How can you honestly be so heartless and cruel.

I'm sorry again JAZZA... <3
All the good people of Newgrounds, and the friends around you, love you.

Oh... I'm sorry man...

It must be hard, but honestly I thought the song quality was nice. You really shouldn't worry about your recording, its the meaning that counts, (well, scratch that, at least be able to stay on the same note) but it is true. I honestly think that the trolls should just leave you alone, this has got to be one of the hardest experiences in your life so far, and I want to thank you for sharing this song with everyone, not only does it help heal your pain, but it helps those out there who also have lost someone.


I'm sorry for your loss Jazza. It must be tough to lose one of your best friends at such a young age. Hang in there buddy.