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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

What a nice and wonderful song this is! I have no idea why you said this would be one of the worst vocal performances I would ever hear. Hey, I've heard my own! It's great that you made an original song for this. I think it's original at least. It shows how creative you are.

I understand how you've made so many things on this website in so many categories. The instrumentals are wonderful too. I think the images shown as the song plays are always changing. It's nothing to do with you, it's just great to look at. I hope we all learn to raise our voice.

You sang with your heart Jazza...
regardless of the pitch or the tone..when you sing with your heart...it is never a 'bad' performance.

I am sorry about your friend...I know what it's like to lose someone close.

A great song, one worthy of your friend's memory.


Regardless of what you think your voice sounded like, in this recording, if it had been any more "perfect" you probably wouldn't have sounded quite so sincere. The sadness deep in your voice could be heard through the entire song, and gives it so much more depth and emotional bondage to the listener. You did a wonderful job and it is a true honor to the memory of your friend. I'm sorry for your loss.

It's a good song.

Some lyrics don't rhyme, but does it matter? So sorry man. You lost someone so close... The music is good. I know you just did it in a rush or something, so you're super good since your voice here sounds good. Just sad...

I'm sorry