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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

Good Vocals! Not bad!

Dude, I'm about to put up a live demo on here with my voice and acoustic, recorded with a crap camera... my vocals on that are gonna suck. Yours are freakin' amazing. Keep it up, dude! This song filled me with emotion. :')

oh my god...i'm sorry for your loss...

i've felt your feeling before...losing a friend.This song made me cried once.It made me remind me of my friend dying in a fire...well sorry to bore you.I'm very sorry for your loss...I hope you feel better later on...


Jazza, I'm so sorry for your loss
The only thing I can say is it was obviously her time to go, I am sure she is happy where she's at
Hang in there bud
This song is spectacular

Dj Bliss


I literally am tearing up listening to this song.... its brilliant, my condolences...

Great song, Sad Story

This song is great for us to hear, but must be a hell for you... Everytime I listen this song I have mixed feelings. I'm sorry for you man! I hope you find other friends to lighten the loss and convince you to not keep on thinking about her and go on with your life. Good luck!