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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

F*ckin beautiful

I´ve never heard such a wonderfull song in 15 years!


The emotion embedded into every element of this song is quite awe-inspiring. It's also incredibly generic, whilst being absolutely unique. Your range is awesome, the choked vocals SHOULD make it terrible though, but they just... don't?

When things not nearly half as bad happen to me, I just seem to shut off emotionally and musically. I envy your ability to produce such brilliance mere hours after tragedy, it really is an incredible way to honor somebody's existence and deal with heartache.

Keep up the great work man.


I don't usually listen to Pop music, but I was moved by curiosity and ended up reviewing a great song instead. Really emotional and poignant performance, I would even compare your voice to Scott Matthew or Patrick Walker from Warning (UK doom metal).

I'm sorry to hear such a loss, and I'd never try to understand how do you feel now.
Thanks for sharing your feelings with us, and R.I.P. Alexandra



Totally awesome vocals. I understand your loss :'(. You have a great voice and top-notch instrument playing. Keep the effort up, because it will end up just as perfect as this song. I can certainly hear the strain and emotion in your voice, and I'm sorry you had to suffer like this.


From the Hear is always wavy

I'm sad you had to lose a great friend ;..( I'm sure she is grateful for the song ...rest in peace