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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"


I loved this piece, made me cry and it reminds me of my grandfather. Good song. 10/10

One word

Magic ;P

There aren't words, but...

This was fucking beautiful.

Suffering is said to be a form of creation

You done gone proved them right. Go put this on some sort of record deal.

I think you deserve it!


I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Some people that die deserve life.
Some people that live deserve death.
And everyone dies eventually.
I think every single one of us here nearly choked when we realized that.
Eventually we swallow it down.
But when someone does die, it's virtually impossible to swallow the rage.
The saddest thing I've learned up till now is that the world is unfair.
I hate the world.
If there's on thing this punk kids (me) made my mind on, it's the fact that the bad in the world outweighs the good.
I know you feel terrible.
This song expresses your feelings greatly.
I hope you find salvation.
I hope you find the will to move on.