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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"

Watch out.

I thought what you said about the vocal work was true, but the thought was there which counts, if there was something you could have done for her this is it. Also to any trolls out there you need shooting if you give less than 10 stars.

PS watch out for: this is more important by Uplion hes made a video to go with the words.

Good and rare "art" in the audio portal

well i have sayed everyything in the headline


i cried. quite a lot after i read your description. i can never imagine losing someone so important to me without staying awake until 3 am watching tv to get it out of my head. it must be hard for you to accept the fact that she's gone now, but it happened, and im afraid you must move on. but other than that, i absolutely loved it with all the honesty in my heart

so sincere

im so sorry this song really shows how much you cared about her, im so sorry.


This was amazing, i teared up near the end and got goosebumps at 2:26.
Thank you so much for uploading this, hang in there buddy.