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Reviews for "Words for Alexandra"


I'm sorry for your loss tovarishj... I know what's like and there no words... But rest asure that she will see this and will be more than proud and happy to know that you're honouring her name with this!!!!

cant put a rating on this

im in way to much of an emotional state to rate this, its incredible

Im sorry for your loss........

Dont worry lad , she'll always be inside peoples heart ;) I hope That ull get better ,she's at heaven my friend she is always with us .

No words


My god!

I've never heard of you before until just now, after hearing this song. It's been a very, very long time since I wrote a review on someone's work, and even longer since a song brought so many tears to my eyes. I can feel absolutely everything in these notes, in your voice, in the words... I'm speechless. Stay strong, okay? I know I have no idea who you are, but I'm so sorry for your loss!