Reviews for "Delta Fusion"


i beat the game without knowing what's the objective, how to play, and how to win.. probably just very lucky... anyway... it's a great game...

One of the best games evah!

controls were easy
very retro (tetris wit a twist!)
And I found the shape ;] but im naht tellin!

simply fun

what's the word im looking for
oh yeah

I enjoyed it...

I thought this was a fun game. Took a little bit to get used to the "triangle" thing... Plus, what's BMG, in the pause menu? Back-music-ground? :-P (Or did I just make myself look really stupid in front of a lot of people?)

5-10 very flashy

no keyboard use needed, but alot of pretty colors, over all except for the lack of interactive ness needed to win. very shiny.