Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

first of all mario95 is making that up and its too

easey it is really not challenging try to make it a little bit more challenging


wot are u suppost to do

really good game

I got 55388950 points. BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

pimpofpixels responds:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You are the 1st person ever other than my or my brother to get the infinite combo. Congrats.

Awsome! A-Must Play!

For me this game just roxs! I really enjoyed that 30 lvls (i only got to 30 but I'll beat this game tomorrow I swear!) of awesome atom-to-shape connecting, and doing those smexy combos! Hey, music is also fantastic ^.^, i could download it and listen to it forever(or 15 mins a day). Now serious, i hope you are planning a sequel. >=)Great work on this one!

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks so much. I'm making a new game, but it's not a delta fusion sequel.

Bad TriJinx Clone.....

This game needs one main improvement: INSTRUCTIONS!! Things like the pieces, the controls, the scoring system, etc, need to be explained to idiots like me. Other than that, it is a decent game, so keep up the good work, and don't forget the Instructions next time ;)

---Ghetto Joe