Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

Hehe Nice job on finding Littenlost.

lol i saw this on the submissions, then i was all, isnt that already made? but then i remembered that this is yours. Its really fun. i liked i.

pimpofpixels responds:

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you took the time to come over here. :)

Sooooooooooooo! ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!

i played dis 4 too long that means i lost track of time and that gotta mean this is a good game. I even drown out the music... but you should add a mute button. Once again good shit!

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks a lot.

If you pause then you can turn down the volume.
pause is spacebar.

Awsome! A-Must Play!

For me this game just roxs! I really enjoyed that 30 lvls (i only got to 30 but I'll beat this game tomorrow I swear!) of awesome atom-to-shape connecting, and doing those smexy combos! Hey, music is also fantastic ^.^, i could download it and listen to it forever(or 15 mins a day). Now serious, i hope you are planning a sequel. >=)Great work on this one!

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks so much. I'm making a new game, but it's not a delta fusion sequel.

really good game

I got 55388950 points. BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

pimpofpixels responds:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You are the 1st person ever other than my or my brother to get the infinite combo. Congrats.


made level 57 before my first meltdown, this game is fun, and good to practice quick problem solving
epic dude