Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

Sooooooooooooo! ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!

i played dis 4 too long that means i lost track of time and that gotta mean this is a good game. I even drown out the music... but you should add a mute button. Once again good shit!

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks a lot.

If you pause then you can turn down the volume.
pause is spacebar.

Hehe Nice job on finding Littenlost.

lol i saw this on the submissions, then i was all, isnt that already made? but then i remembered that this is yours. Its really fun. i liked i.

pimpofpixels responds:

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that you took the time to come over here. :)

Great game

Great game, good for wasting time. THe only qualm i had was the music was very repetitive and eventually got annoying.

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks, you should have heard it before lol.

umm I got a question..

The game is great, compared to the beta version, but there isn't very much diffrent. (or in my point of view) but theres one thing I have to ask... what happend to the authors that made the beta???

pimpofpixels responds:

We're the authors of the beta.
Littlenlost stole my WIP from deviant art.

Good game!

This game is really fun. I enjoyed the puzzle and the music. It's not hard to figure out and it goes by really fast. Good job.

pimpofpixels responds:

Thanks, I was hoping it was going to be intuitive, and it's a relief that you thought it was.