Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

Great Game!

I was on stage 15, and then firefox crashed :D Dammit. Played against my friend. :D


How the heck do you play this game? What are you trying to do?


awesome game, sets a new "spin" on the matching color genre of puzzle game.
To those who say it's too easy, you didn't even bother to get to 3 colors did you.
And hey your controls didn't work that's no reason to give a bad score! Give your computer a bad score!

great game, genius design.

no controls

looks like it could be fun except the controls don't work!!!

It was fun at first

But after a while, I quit because nothing interesting was happening. I made it to level 11 before I simply stopped caring. More pieces might help this a bit, or more ways to interact with the board. It's not bad, but it can be much improved.