Reviews for "Delta Fusion"


Nicely done, however, two problems:
1> No in-game instructions. Sure, you can get away with it here, but some game sites that this might be posted on might not have a text box for instructions, leaving players confused.
2> Not so sure this was intintional (sp?) : right as the overlaying shape appears, highlighting what you just destroyed, you can turn the board still, with all the peices actively falling as you turn, making combos much easier.

Gets really hard, but amusing, shortly after the max # of atoms increase. A hint to people: Make the old atoms fall onto the new atoms and chain reactions will get much easier.

Gets boring after afew hours =\

lol, first try i got 4rth place on highscores, i put "FFS im Bored"... it cut off the last 3 letters tho =\!


1: to the last guy, not tetris, that's where you get a whole row of blocks to take out the row, here, it's more of createing shapes with the particles while being able to reverse gravity to adjust the angle of it's falling creating shapes, once you do get a shape you turn the gravity around to create more combos.
2: i got a fatal glitch, I was onlvl 30, I was doing absolutaly fine when I flipped gravity all the way around, 4 orange particles stayed and b4 I knew it, another piece come out, landed on this floating piece and touched the top at the same time, creating me some DOOM!!! then I was so pissed I just clicked & 4got to hi score.
btw: I'm travispopo.


ok game i didnt think it was gonna be a tetris game but still best tetris game i have ever played..............music repeats too much


yay winned the game.
The music is too repetitive and te main menu could be improved.