Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

Great pickup-and-play value

It had great value for just starting to play and seeing how far you got, I was disappointed when the game ended after level 50, but it was a great waste of time!

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Thanks a ton.

New twist (haha, get it?) on puzzles

This was quite fun. The music didn't get old after the first loop, you created shapes instead of lines, and the graphics were par. I especially liked the "negative image" effect whenever you made a shape. If I would change just one thing, I'd have more freedom in rotating the board. Otherwise, top-notch work here.

pimpofpixels responds:

Yeah, it's a tradeoff there. We wouldn't want to make it so that you could kill yourself just by rotating at the wrong time and covering the entrance. Also, you used to be able to tumble the triangles infinitely, and the game got lame because there was less incentive to actually design a combo. Thanks for your review.


It's not bad games, I cannot stop that.

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I felt like it had some sort of 80's vibe to it when I sat playing it this morning. It's really not that bad, a new take on tetris almost.

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Interesting take, thanks.

Fun and interesting game

It's a really well polished game, the graphical effect of the fusion is awesome.

I've seen your artwork in your profile and is more than impressive, I know that you will do great things in gaming field. Good luck.

pimpofpixels responds:

Thank you very much. I appreciate that.