Reviews for "Delta Fusion"

Really a good game

Superb game but the graphics are little good only the thing is make 2nd one with good graphic.


made level 57 before my first meltdown, this game is fun, and good to practice quick problem solving
epic dude

best reaction type game on the entire internet

i really liked it i got to level 50 without it overloading on my first try then i got to level 150 and then it wouldn't move anymore and it went boom lol awesome game keep it up man i loved it can't wait for a sequel


After a couple seizers and headaches I started to get the hang of it and even managed to get through three of the levels with nothing but chain reactions which was pretty cool and the effects and soundtrack is amazing. But I also agree that it could of used an opening title or something,


Good stuff man, odd but very entertaining =]