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Reviews for "Animals"

Was that it?

The ending was-- cool..? But otherwise, jolly good show old chap.
-Dr. Maggots


First off, the sound quality is surprisingly good. There's a selection of clear and believable sounds that fit with the scenery, and the vocals are clear. Kudos. Also, the visuals have a mesmerising way about them. A red backdrop serves to set this apart from other noir-styled flashes which only use red as a highlight and rely on black, white, and grey for primary backgrounds. Finally, the abstract storytelling is new for me here. Thanks for the compelling short.


great work. & great animation. relly touching


my own understanding of the short flick. the old man lived a good life he was decent and kind but in the end he gave way to despair and jumped off a bridge to his death, he was still accepted to heaven. who are we to judge what we do not understand.

Shouldnt t have Been at Least a "T" ?

Im Scared......Great animation by the way.