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Reviews for "Animals"

Love it

The Old man has got a story. A story of loss, and submitting himself to his lost mind. I believe that he may be a Priest or a relative of the child that we saw him mourning over. And as it showed before, he was a wonderful man. Spreading his beliefs, and joys. But at the tragic death of a loved one, he begins to lose faith, and becomes more depressed with every day that passed in his lifetime. Eventually, he gives up his religion, and abandons all happiness he once was so filled with. Then, not longer after, we see him committing suicide, leaping off of a bridge into the long, vast sea. The scenes with the Tower and Arrows, did not hit off until I watched a second time. After the death of his loved one, he finds himself in the position of: "Where am 'I' going?" Ever since the death of his loved one, he believed that God was not listening, and thus making him give up his religion. This was at first confusing, but given the time to watch it again, struck me. It was absolutely brilliant, the way the story is shown. Great work, Brush. Hope we something just like this soon.

Very amazing

And it had an amazing plot, and its art was serene in a cruel, dark way, and beautiful in its simplicity.

its pretty cool

i realy like ur syle of making vids and games, there may not be that many colors in it but its still cool


This was a very enjoyable experience for me, enhanced further by the piece`s ambiguity. I can`t help but think that the old fellow we see here is a doctor who lost a patient, a small child, and abandoned his religion before committing suicide. The scenes in black and white seem to depict happenings while he was alive, like when he was going door to door and spreading his faith and when we see him mourning what appears to be a dead child. The scenes in black and red strike me as an after death sort of state where he might be being `processed` to ascertain what should be done with him. That tower with the arrows, one poiting up and three pointing down, speak to me as if a great many people `go down` while very few `go up`. Apparently, despite abandoning his religion, he `goes up` by way of the elevator. It`s a very curious piece, and I think the cleverly hidden point of it is what makes it so intriguing. I enjoyed your animation thoroughly. Thank you for sharing.


I think the tower with the three arrows going down means lots of God or some other Deity sending lots of love and stuff and the one arrow going up means nobody is listening. And i guess the guy was sad and gave up Christianity (symbolized by the cross falling and him walking off) and commited suicide. Very well done but can be very confusing to other people.