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Reviews for "Animals"

Cool and tight but uhhhhhh don't get it i don't ge

It looks real tight but......i don't get it


i COULD tell the personal message that i got from it but it would probobly piss off alot of people................... so ill do it anyways XD

the most basic way that i can describe what i think thomas was saying here is how do we know what realy happens when we die? did god (who i personaly dont believe in) pop up infront of some guy and tell him "if you do this your going to hell but if you dont do it you will go to heaven"? no! we dont have any way of realy knowing what happens when we die and its a real shame that people believe that we do! couple of months ago it was on the news that some guy had written on a statue of the dalleh lamma "he will go to hell" well is there any proof of that? and if there is PLEASE show it to me! (the bible isnt proof it was originaly just a bunch of stories from common villagers put togeather for teaching perpouses for the common person its been rewriten dozens of times over time and is EXTREMELY outdated infact if you were to read it through and memorize everything and sit down and truly look at it you will see the whole thing contradicts itself)

anyways hope i got it right thomas and if i didnt well atleast you know what i personaly got from this movie

btw good animation and i hope to see more!


You never actually reveal the protagonists' face, do you? Well... their surroundings and the distinctive colours... give the exact emotion - you also give many short hints, on top of which (in terms of importance, I believe) is the falling cross. Congratulations once again (wait a sec, isn't this 4 years since this as released? Oopsies ^w^)

Thats Deep

I really liked the graphics and the storyline. The fact that the story was so mysterious made it even more interesting to watch. Nice Job

It's not too simple

I couldn't get it, it has to do with religion, and him losing someone. That's all I got, something about him also losing his religion.