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Reviews for "Animals"

i understood it from beginning to end

it's so easy......it's talking about the last day on earth (youm al qiameh) the book he had is the book we'll all have at the end...the good book or the bad one......and the big building with the ups and downs is the way that people will take...up means heaven and down means hell
but there's just one thing i don't get.....he killed himself and still went up to heaven....that's wrong....he should end up in hell

NO :(


Interesting, but...

Not too many people will understand what this is about, so I'll put in my personal input. The way I see it, this man lives in a time where religion is mixed with a need to be above average. Thus, the Are You GOOD Enough flyers the man is handing out. It seems to me that he is a religious leader in his community, possibly a pastor or a priest. His young child dies, presumably from natural causes, and the man turns away from God, considering how he walks away from the cross as it disappears. He commits suicide out of grief, but even then, God loves and forgives him for it.


I think this is great for out of the box thinkers, sadly...not everybody is one lol, so i
give it a 9.


It took a bit of thinking but...

I see it as a man of religion, perhaps a pastor of some sort, who commits suicide after his child dies. Maybe because he feels that God has abandoned him. He goes through a purgatory of sorts, reflecting on his life and what events lead him to where he is, and repents for them, allowing him to move on to Heaven.

Im honestly not a very religious person, so all of this is a bit of a stretch.